Therm 40

Thermal Break Profile

Designed to insulate the building from the cold and heat outside, without compromising on aesthetics..


  • High energy efficiency. Thermal transmittance values: <1,22 W/m²k.
  • Narrow and compact design for sliding doors.
  • Eassy assembly solution
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ERREKA´s Therm 40 product Image

Therm40 is designed to insulate the building from the cold and heat of the exterior, without compromising on aesthetics.

Perfilería Therm 40 con corte en 3D.

This technological breakthrough has become a response to growing concerns about climate change and the need to reduce our energy consumption. In order to obtain an optimum level of door insulation it is necessary to use insulating glass, known as double glazing or double glazing.

Thermal transmittance (measured in units of W/m²K or W/m²°C) reflects the heat transfer capacity of a building element. The lower the U-value, the lower the energy transfer between the two sides, and therefore the better the insulating capacity of the building element. The insulation level of a sliding door depends on the insulation level of the profile and the glass.
In the case of the THERM40 profile, two metal sections joined by a non-metallic component are used as thermal insulation.

In short, these doors represent the perfect fusion of functionality, style and environmental responsibility.


Heat map of thermal transmittance calculation details

Therm 40 mapa de calor



Technical characteristics

  • Thermal transmittance: <1.22 W/m²k.
  • Value for a 2+2 door configuration of 6x3m with ug=0,6w (m²k).
  • The Therm 40 profile system has extruded aluminium alloy profiles, thermal break with glass fibre reinforced polyamide rods and co-extruded PVC and EPDM rubber seals.
  • Standards EN 16361, EN 16005, EN ISO 10077-2.


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