See doubts and frequently asked questions about our products and solutions for automatic access points and accessibility for people with disabilities.
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  • What does the warranty cover?

    ERREKA guarantees the units for a period of 2 years from the supply date. This guarantee applies to all manufacturing defects. The installer is responsible for transporting the unit to the authorised technical services.

    The warranty does not include:

    • Damage caused by incorrect installation or use of the equipment.
    • Damage caused by incorrect installation or use of the equipment.
    • Damage caused by handling by unauthorised personnel.
    • Damage caused by external or atmospheric agents (lightning, floods, etc.).
    • Any material subject to wear and tear.
  • The outer cover has broken after being banged. Where can I buy a spare?

    ERREKA only supplies spare parts to authorised installers. Ask your automation installer or contact an authorised ERREKA dealer.

  • Where can I take the operator for repair?

    Please ask your automation installer or contact an authorised ERREKA dealer if you need to repair the motor. The installer will then contact us.

  • The motor leaks oil, causing the door to not open automatically.

    Any motor which is leaking oil has a fault. Check with the authorised installer or see an authorised ERREKA dealer.

  • The garage motor does not have enough power.

    Start by identifying the model of your motor.

    Report all related details (how long this has been a problem, how often it occurs, whether it occurs during intensive use, at a specific time of day, etc.).

    Take photos or videos of the equipment.

    Please give all this information to your authorised installer or contact an authorised ERREKA dealer for assistance.

  • Where can I get a gearbox or pinions for the motor?

    ERREKA only supplies spare parts to our authorised installers. Ask your operator’s installer or an authorised ERREKA dealer.

  • How to identify the motor model

    All our ERREKA products have a label indicating the model and characteristics on the outside. You can use this to identify the model of your motor.

  • I want to check the type of oil used in the hydraulic arms.

    Any motor which is leaking oil has a fault. Check with your authorised operator’s installer.

  • I have lost/forgotten the password to access the Roller Code VII programming console.

    The access code cannot be recovered if the access password has been lost or forgotten.

  • Why the Display 4.1 error?

    Display 4.1 indicates the software version in the LINCE motor. This indication does not mean you have a fault in your system.

  • UI.02 appears on the display. It won’t let me programme a path, and doesn’t look for the closing position when operating the control.

    The UI.02 display indicates the software version in the DINGO motor. This indication does not mean you have a fault in your system.

  • Can I copy an original ERREKA garage door opener to another ERREKA door opener of a different model?

    ERREKA has 4 control models: LUNA, KUMA, IRIS and LIRA.

    The LUNA controls are compatible with the KUMA model (if they are the same frequency), and the IRIS controls are compatible with the LIRA controls (if they are the same frequency).

  • Is there any way to tell if a garage door opener is the 433 MHz or 868.35 MHz model?

    The new LUNA, KUMA and IRIS controls are colour-coded for different frequencies.

    Grey controls have a frequency of 433, and black controls are 868.35.

  • Product returns

    End users cannot make returns. Check with the authorised ERREKA installer, who will manage the process.

    Product returns will not be accepted unless the following requirements are met:

    • Returns must be made within one month of the date on the delivery note.
    • The returned product must be in perfect condition.
    • It must not have been installed or started up in any system.
    • A photocopy of the delivery note for the product must be enclosed together with the product.
    • Erreka reserves the right to establish the refund amount in the event of failure to comply with the above requirements.
  • I want to access the user area, but I don’t have a username/password. Can you register my details to access the user and download area?

    Access to the product documents download area is only available to authorised ERREKA installers.

    Only installers can access or request a username and password.

  • How do I know if I can automate my door?

    In principle, all manual doors can be automated.

    Contact ERREKA and we will arrange for a sales representative to visit you with no obligation. You can also send us a photo of your door.

  • The door does not fully close or open.

    There are several reasons why your door doesn’t fully close or open:

    • CAUSE 1: the photocell detects an obstacle.
    • SOLUTION 1: remove the obstacle and try again.
    • CAUSE 2: the resistance of the door has increased when closing (or opening).
    • SOLUTION 2: check the moving parts of the door and remove the resistance.
    • CAUSE 3: operator force during closing (or opening) is too low.
    • SOLUTION 3: use the opening and closing pressure adjustment screws to increase the force when closing or opening.
    • CAUSE 4: the assembly dimensions of the brackets have not been respected.
    • SOLUTION 4: take down the brackets and reassemble them respecting the mounting dimensions.
  • The door moves unevenly.

    Your door moves unevenly because the motor is not horizontal.

    Remove the brackets and mount them again, ensuring the operator is horizontal. Customers should contact their installer.

  • What are the payment terms?

    It is standard practice at Automatismos Erreka for the first transaction to be paid in advance.

    Sales are always made in accordance with the property rights clause, meaning all products supplied shall continue to be our property until the amount has been paid in full.

  • How do I know which door model is best suited to my needs?

    The door model depends on each customer, use of the door and available space, among other factors.

    We recommend having one of our sales representatives visit the place where you are going to install the door, with no obligation.

  • Can I automate a hinged door with a ceiling lift passing through?

    The aim of automating a door crossed by a ceiling lift is normally to ensure independent transfer for the user.

    Users should try it out first, and understand the technical and functional implications. Do not hesitate to contact us in this regard, as we have extensive experience and are here to help.

    Combining lifts and doors is technically complex, and correct implementation is essential. As manufacturers of Erreka Doors, combining them with Erreka Lifts is a very effective solution.

  • My house is small, can I install a ceiling lift?

    It is precisely in small houses where the ceiling lift may be the only feasible solution for transfer from the bed, toilet or wheelchair.

    Floor lifts often do not fit at the side of the bed, or can become trapped in the base of the bed or in gaps in the floor.

    Even in the bathroom, it is difficult to get the floor lift in through the door frame and to manoeuvre it between the bathroom fittings.


  • I’m a direct care professional and I can’t convince my boss to install ceiling lifts, he says floor lifts are enough.

    A range of different studies demonstrate that ceiling lifts benefit the occupational health of caregivers and the safety of care receivers, and that such systems are profitable in terms of sustainability.

    We have summarised the conclusion that can most help you convince your boss:

    According to a study by Chhokar, R., Engst, C., Miller, A., Robinson, D., Tate, and R.B., Yassi, A. (2005), the system pays for itself in 3 years.

    These independent studies compare, among many other aspects, the following parameters:

    • Transfer speed.
    • Sick leave records.
    • Caregiver satisfaction level.
    • Care receiver satisfaction level.
    • Number of accident claims.
    • Risk perception by care receivers.

    The studies compare systems without support products, with floor lifts, and with ceiling lifts. They all show that the ceiling lift system is the most sustainable of all.

    Do not hesitate to ask for any further information.

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