Why an ERREKA hoist?

Why an ERREKA hoist?

Because it is a great product made by a company with more than 50 years’ experience, with great technical and logistical solvency and with more than 9 centres throughout Spain. It is, without a doubt, the strongest ceiling hoist option for a product that is crucial for many people.

What is a ceiling hoist and why should it be used?

A ceiling hoist is a system made up of a rail solidly fixed to the ceiling through which an operator circulates that can lift a person equipped with a harness and carry them from one point to another effortlessly, in a way that is comfortable and sustainable over time.


Ceiling hoists are a safer, more comfortable and sustainable system for both those assisted and carers, thus eliminating the likelihood of suffering any type of injury.


Ceiling hoists barely require any storage space. While a floor hoist takes up practically an entire room, a ceiling hoist does not and it is always at hand.


Ceiling hoists make the transfer of a person into a much faster, more efficient and smooth activity compared to other systems. Such as, for example, floor hoists.


Ceiling hoists allow some people to carry out the transfer autonomously in a way that makes them self-sufficient so that they do not depend on third parties.


In addition to allowing many types and styles of transfer to be decided, ceiling hoists adapt to varying elevations and heights to suit almost any purpose.


Ceiling hoists drastically reduce injuries in carers, offering the home, care home or hospital care system greater sustainability.

Our hoist

With a modern and innovative operator that represents a big step forward, with a simple and compact design, and a robust, discreet and reliable set of rails, our hoists are equipped to solve any problem related to transfers.

We not only offer a robust, reliable and designer product, but we also have a team of professionals all over the country in 9 centres and a telephone number to call if you have any questions.

What makes us different from the rest?


We use only the best materials, with the best performance and the greatest reliability.


Maximum versatility in all circumstances thanks to the maximum flexibility of our solution and the knowledge of our fitters.


With over 50 years’ experience and more than 9 centres in Spain, Erreka is by your side before, during and after the installation of the hoist.


Price adjusted as far as possible to make the service accessible.


A set of cutting-edge harnesses that fit like a glove thanks to an innovative anthropometric system.


Ceiling hoists allow some people to transfer autonomously, making them self-sufficient.

What happens if it breaks?

Although this is rare, our technicians are professionally and constantly trained in ceiling hoists. As soon as we are notified of a problem with one of our hoists, one of our technicians will solve it as soon as possible.

Are there any spare parts?

From our factory in Bergara we can supply you in 24 hours from any of our centres in Spain. See where our centres are here.

Is it possible to install it in any home?

Our hoist and harnesses together with our fitters offer the most solid solution in all types of buildings: Houses made of wood, concrete, small, large, modern, old and also in hospitals, care homes, schools, etc.

if you are a private customer…

You will have the following additional benefits:

expert technicians at home

We have an expert team that visits an average of 200 homes a year.

consolidated company

We have a history of over 50 years working in more than 100 facilities per year.

bespoke solution

If you have to modify the ceiling or the door you can leave it in the hands of our colleagues from ADOM. We also integrate the hoist with the home automation of the house.


The best product for home use. For low ceilings and price-adapted.

one-day installation

We do most of the installations in one day.

no surprises

We are the only company that gives an estimate without raising a false ceiling

if you’re a professional…

You will have the following additional benefits:

bespoke solution

If you have to modify the ceiling or the door, you can leave it in our hands. Our technicians do that too.

expert technicians in residential buildings

Our technicians visit dozens of facilities in care homes and hospitals every year, complying with all regulations.

consolidated company

We have a history of over 50 years working in more than 100 facilities per year.

All kinds of solutions

Whether you have a hospital, school, disability care centre or a gym, or if you are a private customer, you will surely find the perfect solution for your transfer problems.

Try our hoist

None of these explanations replaces the experience of trying out an Erreka ceiling hoist and therefore we encourage you to contact us and we will tell you how to try it out depending on the region from where you are calling us.

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