Move motor hoist

Ceiling hoist that can be unhooked from the rail and moved to other rails in the property.


  • Can be used in all our rails and in all environments.
  • The sling bar has the same width as the fixed models once open, ensuring compatibility with almost all harnesses.
  • The sling bar retracts when not in use, optimising transport and storage.
  • Separate charging system that plugs into any electrical outlet.
  • Has a double button panel (from the operator and from the control).
More information
ERREKA´s Move motor hoist product Image

This ceiling hoist, with an elegant, modern design, allows it to be unhooked easily from the rail and taken to another room with another rail. This avoids all the circuits having to be interconnected and all this entails: works, adaptations, etc.

Technical characteristics

  • The sling bar rotates 360º.
  • This hoist is suitable for all our rails.
  • CE and UNE-EN ISO 1035:2006 marking.
  • Control buttons marked with arrows and colours.
  • Motor suitable for use in wet areas.
  • Ergonomic knob with embossed buttons.
  • Microprocessor-controlled soft start and stop.
  • Emergency lowering powered by extra battery.


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