24Vdc residential electromechanical motor for swing gates up to 3m per leaf.


  • Heavy-duty motor suitable for swing gates for access to sites with heavy volumes of traffic.
  • Ultraquiet motor.
  • Obstacle detection to ensure safety.
  • Modern design, made entirely of aluminium.
  • Stainless steel spindle.
  • Easy unlocking with personalised key.
  • High protection from water and dirt.
  • Option of pedestrian opening.
  • Self-learning of open/close distances.
  • Can be used in all temperatures between 10/+60.
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ERREKA´s Kairos product Image
ERREKA´s Kairos product Image
ERREKA´s Kairos product Image
ERREKA´s Kairos product Image

KAIROS motor for residential swing gates

The KAIROS motor for swing doors with a maximum length of 3m per leaf is specially designed for gates for residential and community use.

It is a 24Vdc motor equipped with an obstacle detection system and powerful electronic soft stop for gates up to 300kg per leaf.

Technical characteristics

  • KA3324C: WITH limit switch.
  • KA3324: NO limit switches.
  • Power 24Vdc.
  • Heavy duty.
  • Locking
  • IP44 Protection class.
  • Maximum opening angle 120º.
  • Maximum gate length 3m.
  • Maximum gate weight 300kg
  • Easy installation using a bolted bracket.
  • Use of the electrolock is obligatory in unlocking models, and in locking models when the leaves are over 1.80 m long.
  • There is the option of batteries housed in the control board (two 1.2 Ah batteries each).
  • For all kinds of temperatures -20/+50.


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