FT07 Photocell

Wall-mounted transmitter-receiver photocell.


  • Obstacle detection to ensure safety.
  • Includes a range power switch (long or short range).
  • Adjustable up to an angle of 210ºC.
  • Option to manage the signal of an external safety edge (mechanical or resistive 8K2 with NC contact).
More information
ERREKA´s FT07 Photocell product Image

FT07 photocell range up to 10m

Wall-mounted transmitter-receiver photocell that protects against impacts from the movement of a motorised door.
Interesting for its small size, elegant design, and for supporting different supply voltages. Moreover, synchronised operation when two transmitter/receiver pairs are fitted.

Technical characteristics

  • Transmitter/receiver.
  • Power 12-24Vac/12-36Vdc.
  • Can be synchronised when powered with AC or DC.
  • Range up to 30m.
  • Range with batteries: up to 10m max.
  • NO or NC relay output contact selectable by jumper.
  • Battery discharge acoustic alert.
  • Can be enabled or disabled with a jumper.
  • Operation temperature: -10ºC +60ºC.
  • IP44 protection.
  • Relay contact capacity 1A at 24vdc.
  • Dimensions: 135x50x32mm.


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