Vivo-M101,M201 Control board

230Vac universal electric control boards in variants of 1 (m101) or 2 (m201) motors.


  • Allows installation of any type of door as long as it has an AC motor.
More information
ERREKA´s Vivo-M101,M201 Control board product Image

Analogue control board for swing doors

230V analogue control board for swing gates with output for 12Vdc electrolock.

Technical characteristics

  • Adjustment and programming via potentiometer and DIP switch.
  • 12Vdc electrolock output.
  • Connector for IRRE2/IRRE2-250 or RSD radio receiver.
  • Start and pedestrian start via radio.
  • Output for garage/courtesy light with adjustable time.
  • Soft stop for leaves in the opening and closing phase, to prevent noisy opening and closing and rebounds.
  • Exterior closing safety and interior opening safety input.
  • Allows direct connection of 230Vac signalling light.
  • Dead man function.
  • Soft stop option.


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