VIVO-I204 Control board

Control board for swing and up-and-over doors with connection of up to 2 motors with electric brake through EPS1 card, and control through digital display with Inverter technology output.


  • Can work with 1 or 2 motors.
  • Inverter technology to feed the motors. Gives greater control over motor speed and power, while providing more efficient power.
More information
ERREKA´s VIVO-I204 Control board product Image

Control board for swing, sliding and up-and-over doors

230Vac digital control board for swing, sliding and up-and-over doors with 230Vac single-/three-phase motors with inverter output for 12Vdc electrolock.

Technical characteristics

  • Programming via 4 pushbuttons and 7-segment 4-digit display.
  • Output for 12Vdc electrolock.
  • Manage start and pedestrian start via radio.
  • Select single-phase motor or three-phase motor operation with jumper.
  • Connector for traffic light management card.
  • Total and partial operating cycles counter.
  • Input status display via screen.
  • Exterior closing safety and interior opening safety input.
  • Safety device testing before each opening.
  • Dead man and dead man in closing function.
  • Input for encoder 1 or 2 signals.
  • Password to limit programming changes.
  • Control board on/off switch.


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