TAGBASE-250 relay interface

Relay interface for plug-in receiver power 230Vac or 12-24Vac/dc.


  • Option to work with TAG keys and card.
  • Option to programme 250 different TAG card/key codes.
  • High protection from water and dirt.
  • Option to work with 3 types of reader.
  • Operation with keys or proximity cards.
  • Option to work with plug-in transmitters.
More information
ERREKA´s TAGBASE-250 relay interface product Image

Plug-in receiver relay interface

for 230Vac or 12-24Vac/dc plug-in receiver, with two programmable channels for use of a plug-in receiver in facilities not equipped with a radio connector.

Technical characteristics

  • Power: 230Vac 50/60H or 12-24Vac/10-36Vdc.
  • Coding: TAG.
  • Channels: 2 relays with NO and NC contacts, without power.
  • Absorption in standby: <0.5A-230Vac / 26mA -24Vdc.
  • Absorption in standby with 2 readers: <0.5A-230Vac / 75mA-24Vdc.
  • Maximum absorption with active relay: <0.5A-230Vac / 52mA-24Vdc.
  • Maximum absorption with 2 active readers and relay: <0.5A- 230Vac / 115mA-24Vdc.
  • Relay contacts: 5A-250Vac.
  • Logical operation: monostable, bistable or timer.
  • Allows use of a plug-in receiver in facilities not equipped with a radio connector.
  • Operation temperature: -20/+60ºC.
  • Dimensions: 141(W) x 177(H) x 69 (D).
  • Protection class: IPX4.
  • Connection for TAG keys.
  • Basic programming via receiver or advanced programming via programmer.
  • Option to programme by IRTAPROG computer or on the readers.


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