LV9087 Electric lock

Exterior keyed electrolock for doors and gates for European profile cylinder.


  • Key unlocking.
  • Preferably for use in horizontal installation, with the option of fastening to the ground with the accessory LV9986.
More information
ERREKA´s LV9087 Electric lock product Image

Exterior keyed electrolock with no cylinder

LV9087 electric locks ready for European cylinder can be installed in outdoor doors and gates, both manual and automated. They are supplied with a service function, and can take on safety function by simply removing an internal component. Their features and finish make them ideal for facilities even in environments subject to high thermal excursions.

Technical characteristics

  • No cylinder.
  • Option to use any European cylinder and universal or DIN cam.
  • Option to choose between double or half cylinder.
  • Option to choose electrolock with microswitch for limit switch.


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