The IRIN4B-250 independent radio receiver is designed to receive and decode the radio transmitter signals used in motorised door and gate facilities.


  • External standalone receiver.
  • Option of 433.92-868.35.
  • Fixed code and roller code operation.
  • Four channels.
  • Option to use the four channels independently.
  • Monostable, bistable or timer operation.
  • Programmable receiver with IRPROGM and IRTAGPROG programming console or directly from the transmitter.
  • Connection and coding of magnetic keys.
More information
ERREKA´s IRIN4B-250 product Image

IRIN4B-250 Standalone receiver

Standalone receiver with 4 programmable channels with monostable, bistable or timer operation logic.

Technical characteristics

  • Frequency: 433.92-868.35.
  • Coding: Trinary fixed code/Roller code.
  • Power: 230Vac-50/60H or 12-24Vac / 10-36Vdc.
  • Absorption in standby: <0.5A-230Vac / 27mA -24Vdc.
  • Absorption in standby with 2 readers: <0.5A-230Vac / 52mA-24Vdc.
  • Maximum absorption with active relay: <0.5A-230Vac / 425mA-24Vdc.
  • Maximum absorption with 2 active readers and relay:<0.5A- 230Vac / 475mA-24Vdc.
  • Channels: 4 relays with NO and NC contacts, without power.
  • Logical operation: Monostable, bistable or timer.
  • Memory capacity: Fixed code: 1 (Upgradable up to 243 in community mode). Roller code: 250 (Upgradable up to 1000 with MEMO1000).
  • Sensitivity: >-107dBm.
  • Operation temperature: -20/+60ºC.
  • Dimensions (mm): 141 (W) x 177(H) x 69 (D).
  • Connection for magnetic key readers.
  • Sequential programming of transmitters (Roller code).
  • Memory full signalling (Roller code).
  • Self-learning management of radio transmitters (Roller code).


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