Global 4

With high-quality finishes, it adapts to different installation needs for your most demanding projects and especially with heavy doors.


  • Safety requirements, allowing adaptation to any emergency system.
  • Controls to prevent people being trapped.
  • Reliable thanks to its trolleys with three nylon wheels.
  • Smart system that allows self-adjustment.
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Global operator for heavy doors

Its flexibility and standardisation make it the ideal system for the entrance in any type of building (supermarkets, hotels, airports, etc), and especially for heavy doors.

Global 4 is a strong and powerfull operator which is able to drive all kind of doors. The drive unit is set in a 870mm long profile and includes three subassemblies : gearmotor, control board and power supply unit. It fits to any measure of door with a tensor pulley unit and a teethed belt that it´s supplied in meters to cut it at the right length.

It is posible to include an electrolock to the drive unit to avoid the manual door opening when the door is closed. There are two options of electrolocks: failsafe and failsecure ones, depending the type of commisioning.

There are two optional command selectors to control the operator: DIG-SEL01 digital selector and rotary key selector ROT SEL 01. Both comunicates with the control board by CAN bus. This communication protocol allow to connect other devices that work with CAN open bus, as access control and other external devices.

Motor is controled in closed loop, so it adapt the movement parameters to the commisionng conditions, weight and width of doors. Beside that, if weather conditions as wind or installation conditions as door frictions changes the drive adapts the motor power to get the defined movement parameters. It also includes trapment control which limits the motor power to safe parameters defined in the Safety Standard for automatic doors EN 16005, in order to not damage any person.

Technical characteristics

  • Motor power: *****
  • Free passage: 750-3000 mm.
  • Maximum leaf weight: 140–200 kg.
  • Maximum leaf thickness: 65mm.
  • Dimensions: 160 x 165 mm.
  • Modular and versatile.
  • Self-supporting box profile without beam.
  • Electrolock fitted with a highly reliable simple effect electric magnet.
  • Extremely strong carrier fitted with three nylon wheels guided between safe tracks that prevent derailment. This is the most reliable mechanical system in the market.
  • Battery powered anti-panic opening system, in case of power supply failure.


Technical manual

  • User manual GLOBAL

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