Evo Code receiver with operating frequency 433.92 and 2-channel code programmable with monostable operation logic.


  • Two-channel plug-in receiver (second channel, pedestrian opening).
  • 1 operating frequency 433.92.
  • Accepts 1000 user memory card.
  • Programmable receiver with IRPROGM and IRTAGPROG programming console.
More information
ERREKA´s EVRE2-250 product Image

EVRE2-250 plug-in radio receiver

The EVRE2-250 plug-in radio receiver is designed to receive and decode the radio transmitter signals used in motorised door and gate facilities.

Technical characteristics

  • 250-code internal memory.
  • Accepts 1000 user memory card.
  • Power: 12 Vdc.
  • Dimensions (mm): 46 (W) x 37 (H) x 22. (D).


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